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  Did God Create The World -   

The Jurisdiction For Truth

         Within rational thought, the Origins examination between the evolution idea and religion, should have never taken place (arguing that science does not have jurisdiction and that the debate should be framed to meet the requirements of a consistent rationality within science and a consistent rationality within religion.

       It is the history of the intellectual hostility between:

      (1) - Those who have worked (and spoken) from within a prerequisite idea of an inherent evolving mechanism within the first material of the universe.   And -

        (2) - Those who have worked (and spoken) within a creation idea arguing intelligent design as a prerequisite behind the origins of all things

    - that highlights the need for a closer look into the rational BASIS for the debate, itself.


    A Defining Moment

    SCIENCE - A systematized knowledge DERIVED from observation, study and experimentation

    METHODOLOGY - A system of methods.

    RATIONALITY - The quality or condition of being rational; reasonableness, or the possessing or using of reason.

    THEORY - Implies considerable evidence in support of a formulated general principle explaining the operation of certain phenomena

     AUTHORITY - the power to provide reliability in viewpoint; having JURISDICTION; an expert.

      JURISDICTION - The right to speak, declare - (within) the range of authority.

What Is - The Authority - The Jurisdiction
& Methodology in Science

        Within the definition of what is  SCIENCE,   is the boundaries of its  jurisdiction  (its range of authority) - regarding its ability to find accurate information and relate the facts about the world we live in.

        The function of science is to provide Man a reliable system of methods whereby the individual scientist is able to seek, to know, where once there had been the inability to know.

        It follows that, SCIENCE (is) - A systematized knowledge DERIVED from observation, study and experimentation.

        True SCIENCE -- seeks reliable information through a specific SYSTEM of investigation -- using scientific METHODS ( its methodology) - which is OBSERVATION - STUDY and EXPERIMENTATION.

         Men and Women of Science must have the ability to OBSERVE - STUDY - AND EXPERIMENT  before  he/she in the scientific community earns the AUTHORITY to speak WITHIN the JURISDICTION of science.

        There is no basis within reason or authority within science by which a scientist speaks AS a scientist outside the jurisdiction of science.

        Yet, it happens, over and over again.  By-and-large, this takes place without challenge within the science community or by the wider culture.  It is part of the problem regarding the unauthorized taking of authority within the modern science community

    (A Yarn)

    - The Encounter -
    Taking A Look At Prerequisites

    Prerequisite - "Required before-hand, especially as a necessary condition for something following."

         When the World InterConnectedness Science Exchange (WISE) - made the decision to host a science debate about "Origins" between Dr. Knowitall (evolution position) and Dr. Smartass (intelligent design),  the Chairman of WISE, Dr. Pittbull, announced that it would be held at the Los Angeles Staples Center (where many important battles had been fought before).

       On the night of the debate, Dr. Pittbull, announced the Rules of Engagement -

         The scene: Our Two scientists find themselves in the midst of an unknown place.   Looking around, they come upon a huge Mansion so complex, they realize, it could not be fully examined in their lifetimes.

          Before Dr. Pittbull left the stage, he spoke to the audience, "Throughout this debate, Dr. Knowitall will be referred to as Dr. Evolve and Dr. Smartass will be referred to as Dr. I.D.

         Turning to the two scientists, he reminded them, "Remember, the scene cannot be changed.   You must confine your responses within the situation you have found yourselves.  The objective is to defend your positions regarding origins within a scientific jurisdiction.  Good luck!""

    Dr. I.D.:
          "This Mansion shows design everywhere. The doors are functional, the windows provide light and air circulation.   The first room we entered held furniture that is useful and beautiful to the eye.  This building clearly provides a rational understanding of Mankind and its needs.   It's function-ability and beauty prove its origins are a result of Intelligent Design!"

    Dr. Evolve:
          "There he goes, folks!  Making unwarrented and unscientific assumptions.   It is obvious that everything regarding the structure is connected to the world around us.   The foundation is made of rocks,  the walls are from wood and site material; there is not one thing we've come upon that is not connected to its place.  It's connectedness and very similarity to everything here, prove evolution is the mechanism that brought this Mansion into existence."

    Dr. I.D.:
           " Connectedness and similarity to what is found within a place isn't proof there is an evolutionary mechanism in effect here or that any organizing function within nature simply comes into existence without superior (to the original material) intelligence, directing that emergence. "

    Dr. Evolve:
          "It is the only starting place SCIENCE has. To be scientific, we can't assume a prerequisite Creator!    Merely looking at the expanse and changing contours of the structure implies a creative and organizing factor must be an inherent mechanism within the first materials able to produce these results."

    Dr. I.D.:
          "Your assumptions are presumptuous!  You are asserting an inherent creative evolutionary prerequisite mechanism at its beginning.  There is no evidence or measurable creative evolutionary mechanism at work today in this place.  You can see that, in spite of its complexity, the entire structure is degenerating in spite of its original beauty and complexity!"

    Dr. Evolve:
          "Look at its massive intricate structure, it would take millions of years for it to have evolved to such complexity!    [Laughing in derision]  Where have you been,  You, Neanderthal!   'The present is the key to the past!'"

    Dr. I.D.:
          "Ridicule is not argument!    You are reasoning in a circle.  You imagine an evolutionary mechanism functioning in this place and you explain the complexity of what we see today by this mythical evolutionary process that cannot be observed or examined!   [raising his voice]  Your "key" has no door!  

          Dr. Pittbull shifted in his chair and cleared his throat.

    Dr. Evolve:
          "You don't have any evidence for your Designer, either!   You are assuming that this prerequisite Designer exists! (raising her voice)   I can't find this Designer.  No one in SCIENCE can find this so-called Designer!"

    Dr. I.D.:
          "Do you think you can place God in a test tube?    Besides, the evidence for design is apparent everywhere we have looked.  We have only examined the first room of this massive and complex structure."

    Dr. Evolve:
           "Oh, I see, if only we lived long enough,   we in SCIENCE,  "MIGHT" find this Designer?"

    Dr. I.D.:
           " You mean, if only we lived long enough,  we in SCIENCE,  "MIGHT" see evolution happening?   The Designer might be in one area of this Mansion while you are looking in another area?  Just because YOU can't find the Designer, doesn't mean He doesn't exist."

    Dr. Evolve:
       [Screaming at Dr. Pittbull]  "He moved out of science and into theology!"

    Dr. I.D.:
       [Raising his eyes upward].   "She had already moved out of science into the imagined and the mythical!"

        The contention in this examination of the origins debate is that the debate should have never been placed within science because it cannot be established within its jurisdiction.

        This online article has taken a look at the indicators that the study of ORIGINS is outside scientific theory and inaccessible by scientific methodology.

        The early documents of the Bible (speak within logic and prophecy regarding this very public debate we have seen fulfilled in our time - Romans 1:18-21) clearly provide rational evidence that God created the world. There is no evidence of any kind within this world that has indicated the creation account is wrong.

        For early Bible writers to have foreseen this present conflict between science and God within such precise accurancy can only be explained that they spoke by the authority of God.

        The Bible claims to be God revealing truth to Mankind.... both as to how Mankind should live within the world and the legal consequences to Mankind for failure to believe and obey God.

    This Is Worth Thinking About.....

    The Bible Defines The Morally Perfect Nature of God

    "For You are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness;
    No evil dwells with You.
    The boastful shall not stand before Your eyes;
    You hate all who do iniquity."
    Psalms 5:4-5

    God Must Judge All Sin...
    He Has Willingly and Painfully Paid The Legal Penalty For Your Sins.... (If You Will Accept His Offer...)
    Please Accept it!
    Acts 2:37-38

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Helpful Resource Link Below - Explores The Institution Of Personal Liberty By Jesus Christ (The New Covenant Liberated All Believers From Authoritarian Religion On Earth - Provides Biblical evidence that All Christians are Under the Morality of Christ and Answer Only to Him)


   When Examining/Studying The Bible: It is important to keep all subjects within the "context" of the writer's intent.

    One of the problems that emerged in the Body of Christ through-out time has been the taking of subject-matter out of the writer's context.

    The Bible is God's response to specific issues of the day. It is not a libary of "legal" decisions by God where a student goes to a specific issue (within a category) and finds the answer to his/her personal question.

    Because the Bible writers were providing historical information within God's moral viewpoint and actions within history, God tells us to "...Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth" - 2 Timothy 2:15 -NAS

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